Sunday, 11 November 2012

Building Attraction With A Man In a New Relationship

The most important and impacting thing you can do in a new relationship to build attraction is to slow it down. It's hard I know. He is calling a lot, texting daily and wanting to see you. You instinct tells you to go along with his pace. If you want it to last, you need to set the pace to a slow simmer.

Think about it seriously. How many times have you or someone you knew started out full speed ahead in a new relationship and it fizzled out after the first two to three months? More than you can count more than likely. So if you are in a new relationship and already spending almost every day together and acting like a perfect couple, you might want to reconsider and keep reading this.

A man falls in love during your absence. What this means is he forms his attachments through his imagination and thinking about you. A man thinks about you when you aren't around. When you are there, he is present and with you, but he isn't really thinking about you. He thinks about you when you leave, he misses you and this is the key to building emotional attraction. It is especially effective in a new relationship when the physical attraction is so strong.

Have you ever had a man say "I can't stop thinking about you". He isn't saying this when you are with him, he is saying this when you aren't. This is the reason it's so important to pace him. Limit your time in the beginning to once or twice a week. Give him something to look forward to, something to anticipate. Anticipation tastes so sweet. The more he thinks about you the more you build on his attraction level.

Going slow really is the key in a new relationship to building emotional attraction. If you want it to last, you need to focus on long term satisfaction, not instant gratification. Going slow not only builds the attraction, it lays the foundation for a stronger relationship. It also takes that honey moon stage to higher levels.

Think about a time when you were crazy about a man and couldn't see him for a week or so. How great was it when you finally did see him? I bet you were just thrilled and so excited. The anticipation excites men, this is big in the attraction process.

Slow is better. It allows him to think about you and attach to you on a deeper level. It makes the time you are together that much better. It helps him create powerful and lasting memories to call back up and attach even more. So if you think giving him all of your spare time in a new relationship is making him care more, think again.


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