Sunday, 11 November 2012

New Relationship Killers

There are a many things that can scare a man away in the beginning and to list all the relationship killers would take pages. Some men react more to them than others and no two men are alike, so this is general, but usual.

Often women in a new relationship start wondering where the relationship is headed. They push and even have the talk. This is the most common of the relationship killers. This usually backfires and here is partly why. Men are hunters. They are also protectors. They also get a lot of pleasure from making you happy. Once you start asking where this is going, he begins to feel you aren't happy with the way things are. This translates in his mind often to he is not making you happy. If a man doesn't feel he is winning, he will pull away. Hold off on any talks for a while please and just enjoy his company and appreciate him.

Many women also begin acting like a wife way to early on. They want to know when he is calling, where he is going, who he is with and so forth and so on. Some even inquire as to what women were there. I am not sure I would go so far as to say this is acting more like his mother really, not a wife. Men fear a loss of their freedom, so please don't do this to them. Remember they need your trust.

Another thing women do at times is try to fix a man's problems. He may be having issues at work and he vents to you. Just listen to him and don't offer solutions unless he asks you for your opinion. This too falls into the trust category and the man being the hunter and provider. He wants to be the man, it's important to him. They rarely want your solutions. Instead show him understanding and your faith that he can and will work through this. It's much more effective. Offering solutions is like telling him you don't think he can handle it on his own.

These are just a few relationship killers. Remember when dealing with your new relationship that he needs your trust, acceptance and appreciation and he needs to feel like he is winning. If he doesn't feel like he is making you happy, he doesn't feel like he is winning!


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