Tuesday, 26 March 2013

15 Sexy, Cool Reasons To Be Fat

Being overweight has some pretty obvious downsides. It’s enough to get plus sized folks down from time to time.
15 Sexy, Cool Reasons To Be FatBut what’s awesome about being fat? Here are 15 reasons why being fat is cool:
1. Fat is fun to play with. It can be amusing to grab, squish and jiggle your belly. Other people are often intrigued by the soft bits of body and can have fun jiggling an arm or poking your belly.
2. Some clothes actually look better. Contrary to popular belief, many items of clothing look better with curves stretching them out.
3. Big hips make Latin dancing easier. When doing a smaller hip shake in samba class, you look like your doing more than your skinny peers.
4. More to love! Cliche, but true. The extra cushioning means that fat people are excellent huggers and spooning partners.
5. Possibly healthier? Some studies show that overweight people are less likely to die from chronic illnesses, infections, invasive procedures, etc.
6. Provide excellent life drawing subjects. Many artists will say, “Nothing is more boring to draw than a perfect body.”
7. Turning on the sex. All the tight clothing and fleshy parts can be very indecent when we want them to be.
8. We’re warm! The extra layers of fat provide warmth in winter, so you don’t need to run the heater. Win for you, win for the environment.
9. Body armor. Protects your internal organs (like how women gain weight in pregnancy for cushioning).

10. Look younger. Some believe more fatty tissue in the face can make you look younger.
11. Good for lounging. My cat and my child both like sitting on me cause I’m soft!

12. Longer life span. Studies have shown that as you get older, additional fat stores can prolong life.
13. Stronger frame. Higher weight correlates with stronger bones.
14. Jerk filter. Why would you want to be friends with the kind of person who doesn’t like you the way you are?
15. More canvas space. One of my favorites, more body to tattoo!


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